Brooklin Mini Idol Season 2011-12
Featuring Jacob Jaxon Danae Anthony Katie Sophia
Special thanks to the following local organisations for their support and donation of services.
The Renaissance Baptist Church of Brooklin
Thanks to the Brooklin Mini Idols and their "musical donation to bring peace and hope to the world" it's 2 easy to help kids. 1) Buy the single now on Amazon 2) Share this video with all your friends All proceeds go to programs for youth right here in our community.
Please Share :) Help raise funds for Kids in Our Community Congratulations to the participants of Brooklin Mini Idol 2011-12 for receiving the “Outstanding Achievement Award” from the Mayor of Whitby and Council. Welcome 2012-13 2011-12
Season 2011 - 12
Award winning program for Durham Region’s top singers ages 12 and under